Interested in the Archaeology of your County?

The first product developed by Know Thy Place was the Prestige Roll, where you can commission a chart on the archaeology of a specific town or townland. We have now developed a series of County charts, where you can select a chart focusing on any of Ireland’s 32 counties. As with the Prestige Roll these charts deal with the Prehistoric and Historic archaeology of the area, highlighting some of the most impressive archaeological discoveries and important historical sites in the county’s history. The good thing is that the County Know Thy Place charts only cost €39.99 or $56.oo!

Know Thy Place County Chart

The Know Thy Place County Chart for Co. Kildare

Know Thy Place’s professional archaeological researchers have trawled through the sources to compile a unique narrative of each county’s history, from the first settlers of the Mesolithic through to the 20th century. The example illustrated above is our County Chart for Kildare. In this case, the chart tells of the first human activity in the county, along the banks of rivers such as the Barrow, identified through the stone tools these peoples left behind. It reveals evidence for the Neolithic houses of Ireland’s first farmers in places like Corbally, and the discovery of a forgotten hoard of Bronze Age metalworkers tools in Bishopsland. The medieval heritage of the county is not forgotten; Kildare has many examples of early church sites, round towers and high crosses at wonderful locations such as Castledermot, Moone and Old Kilcullen. It even produced some unique evidence for the Vikings! Later stone medieval castles like those at Maynooth and Athy dominated the landscape, before large demesne houses like that at Castletown took over. This amazing county was even home to the first brewery of a certain Arthur Guinness, who went on to become famous for inventing a certain stout!

The Know Thy Place County Charts distill the archaeology of your county into an attractive and easy to read format, taking into consideration all the latest discoveries in the area. It is also possible to personalise the chart with your name for a small additional fee. If you are interested in obtaining the chart or contacting us to find out more, you can go to our orders page here or email us at

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